View Full Version : First Time Throwing For A Team Experiences

Ernie The Giant Chicken
21st January 2011, 06:51 PM
Hi Everyone,

I was just wondering what sort of experiences people had when throwing in a league/pub team environment in front of an audience. Were you nervous, how did you play etc.

I had my first experience of this a few weeks ago when a friend asked me to come along to a cup night with his team. I ended up playing late on in the night when to be honest due to nerves I'd had a few too many sherberts, and although I didn't disgrace myself the guy I played pretty much destroyed me, never even got a throw at a double (701). :biggrinodf: All in all though, after licking my wounds I have to say it was an excellent experience and I hope to do better in the future, hopefully it'll stand me in good stead. :smileodf:

21st January 2011, 06:57 PM
lets just say the boards were dog poop...lol div 5 . having 20 plus eyes on you playing needs gettin used to as well . players are down to earth. great experince but must have to say you need the game so you dont look like a sherbert need to hit 2 tons a leg. so you not pooping like a nervous dog.....simples....

22nd January 2011, 06:41 PM
My first experience was just a few months ago. I was put in a doubles match and was so nervous my hand was shaking, with the uppermost in my mind being not to embarrass myself. Well, my first dart was a 1 but I hit treble 20 with my next dart followed by a single 20. I was so relieved at hitting a decent score that the nerves, although not disappearing altogether, certainly eased. I ended up hitting the winning double in the game, now that was a good feeling.