View Full Version : Massive thanks to unicorn

6th June 2011, 07:04 AM
Big thank you to unicorn, after i commented in the "ask unicorn" thread about how 1 of my slick stick stems on my phil Taylor phase 5 darts was shorter than the other two, they replied to me and we then exchanged a few emails, a few days later a brand new set arrived at my door with the added bonus of some extra spare plastic tops.

These would have cost about 8 and just shows how good unicorn's customer care is, I am going to package my old set and send them to unicorn, maybe they can find out if it was a dodgy set, but I'm a happy chappy and will keep buying from unicorn :)

Paul D
6th June 2011, 07:06 AM
Always good to hear something positive about a company and their service.. all too often these types of forums are reserved for negative comments.. pat on the back for Unicorn..