View Full Version : 1st rnd loss my best moment in darts for years LOL

15th December 2010, 07:18 AM
i never like losing but last night i played in our local league singles KO with 8 boards at various pubs around town,so onto my night arrived 30 mins early and had a good pratice on the board since returning to darts from a 12 year break ive played pretty ***** in my division 2 league games nowhere near my county standard of 12 years previous and i`ve put this down to basically not playing high standard players so they drag your game down so to speak even though i have won all my league pairs and single game 2-0 i still havent played well.

onto the draw my name was first out and and i was drawn against a good good player and we both knew whoever won this 1st game of the night would probably win the board?(and they did lol)
the format is double in best of 3 501 i lost the throw for the bull he opened up with a 92 away i started with a 80 away after 15 darts and lots of merit scores my opponent was on 32 and i was on 58 he checked out 32 first dart for a 16 dart leg !! cant really knock that can you lol

The second leg i had the throw and opened up with a 102 away and after 18 darts i was on 40 my opponent was on 138 after 15 darts then bang bang bang game shot 138 out so i was out in the 1st round and the first game of the night !!! It was a cracking game with both of us throwing some high quality scores with plenty of 100+ scores all the way down threw both legs usually i would be pretty annoyed with myself to lose in the first round but the way i played against my first real decent opponent for 12 years gave me something to build on and its nice to know that even after 12 years away from the game that when i need to step it up against a good player I CAN !!!

Its never nice to lose but some times you can lose but take more positives away than winnining ugly i learnt last night i can still play well when the opposition is there and also i have still the respect from some of the better player who still remember me,after my lose talking to the player who beat he said he knew he had to play very well to beat me (and he did) and that if he missed the 138 out that i would of probably gone on and won the game !!!

respect is nice thing to have but its something you have to earn .................

Steve Metalman
15th December 2010, 12:36 PM
Hi Wayner.
I think a lot of us would agree with that.
You can often take more from a good loss than from an easy win.
You kept up with him and were only beaten by good finishing.
Not bad for someone who has been away for so long

Good post :coolodf::star:

15th December 2010, 01:36 PM
Good post, nice to read of other's experiences, have to your attitude due to the loss is exemplary

16th December 2010, 09:31 PM
Unlucky there mate.
I remember years ago playing a guy i threw 140 then 135 then 100 and was behind in the leg, bit of an eye opener

18th December 2010, 04:23 PM
I dont like Getting beat at all but if i get beat in a good game its a lot easier to take, I can remember getting beat 3-0 in a county match once with a 28 average and never got a shot at a double.