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18th December 2010, 03:02 AM
Ok so when I am doing something mindless (housework) the mind goes into overdrive. So in no particular order:--

Stance - watching Anderson/Whitlock = 'straight on' vs Taylor = 'side on' SO pros vs cons (everything has both)

Grip - xmas hols here means time to relax and throw a bit more at home and no comps SO when do you tinker if you do, and how long do you persevere before going back to where you started ;)

Coaches - golfers and darters it all comes down to swing/action SO have you ever had a coach look at it? (even top golf pros who have been very successful have been know to breakdown their swing, endure the frustration, to get better)

Thinking - do you think much about your grip/action/stance etc?

Just an addendum in that I have had some people say to me don't think about it so much, just relax and throw the dart. Not to be rude but don't bother saying that to me as thinking about things like this are the next best thing to actually playing the game, I enjoy it - also I reckon if your not questioning your not getting better (but it is no substitute to practice)

18th December 2010, 05:13 AM
just relax and throw the dart.......

but in seriousness if i try something new its not for longer than a few rounds, don't need to practice bad habbits. it is fun to try new grips/throws/stancesto see if there is something more comfortable..dont know unless you try

18th December 2010, 10:31 AM
relax and throw darts- oops sorry

Well mate stepping to the line and thinking is a bad , bad habit. You concentrate on putting it in the hole period. Like in a previous post I can't concentrate and throw for over 1hr. Now thats me! Its different for different people. After 1hr I must stop for 15-20 mins then go again. Once you have a grip and stance that you are comfortable with then that part is over and leave it alone. Next is deveolping your extended stroke, no, no short arming period. These tips were given to me by a pro mate . He told me once you are comfortable with grip and stance its none of your business to keep monkeying with it all the time. Yeah its fun to go a couple of rounds with something new but trust me you will go back to what is comfortable for you. So stop !!! and concentrate on a repeatable throw mate:biggrinodf:

18th December 2010, 09:34 PM
thanks guys and I tend to agree about the 'short arm' issue I think it causes problems that lead to and over analysis of others aspects of the action . . . . maybe thats why a couple of beers helps!