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31st October 2011, 10:45 PM
The many 01 games that can be played.. heaps different than our steeltip 01 games:

'01 games (e.g. 301, 501, 701, 901 & 1001) are the classic English pub games. At the start of the game, points
are given to each player, depending upon the game selected. Play begins when the first dart hits any segment.
All subsequent scores are subtracted until you get to "exactly zero". A player "busts" and losses a turn, if their
score passes "0".

'01 Game options for the '01 games are:
Double-in: Players must score in a double point value segment to begin play.
Double-out: Players must reach "0" exactly by scoring in a double point value segment.
Doubling-in & Doubling-out: Players must score a double to start and finishing in a double to exactly "0".
Masters out: Players must reach "0" in a double or triple point value segment.

Example of Doubling-in and Doubling-out: A player starts his score by hitting any double on the board. Darts
thrown before the double is hit do not score; all darts thrown after the double is hit do score. When a double is
hit, the score amount is subtracted from 301. If a player hits a double 8, he subtracts 16 from 301 and is left with
285. The player continues to throw in turn, subtracting the total score of his three darts from the score at the end
of his last turn.

He can win the game only by getting a double that gives him a total score equaling the total amount left. With 32
points to go, a double 16 will end the game. A single 16 will still leave 16 to go, which can be gotten by throwing
a double 8, and so on down the line. If an odd number is thrown, another odd number is needed to get back to a
double possibility. If one less or one more than the exact score is hit, the player must assume the same score
he had at the end of his last turn. (This is called busting.) The rest of the rules hold.

'01 Game Feats:
6 Darts out (301)
9 Darts out (501)
Hat Trick: 3 Bull's-eyes in one turn
Ton: A score of 100 to 150 in one turn
High Ton: A score of 151 or greater in one turn

1st November 2011, 10:24 AM
Nice post Wazza

1st November 2011, 10:58 AM
Cheers mate I have alot of bits here from when I was sponsored by a soft tip company trying to start up here in Australia.

Plenty of pages of books scanned also.. this section really needs its own section as some thread will get lost in the forum.. Just wait till I post Thermo newk darts!