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23rd August 2010, 06:15 AM


FORUM Terms and Conditions

HACKING is a serious offense that will get you immediate and permanent ban from our forums and website. We will ban you for threatening to hack, for talking about hacking other boards or members, or spamming under someone else's account via school or home.

A prankster in your accounts can get your accounts banned.

SPAM is defined as irrelevant or unsolicited messages sent over the Internet, typically to large numbers of users, for the purposes of advertising, phishing, spreading malware, etc
Using the forums Facilities to solely promote your website, if you have an event that needs promoting, Seek the permission or advice of the moderating team
Posting excessively and/or posting a bunch of nonsense repeatedly
Spam threads will be locked or deleted.

Spamming for other forums is strictly prohibited (Poaching)

Anyone found doing so will be subject to sanctions at the discretion of the moderation team

This includes but is not limited to links to other forums in signatures and by pm, the name of the forum contained in Images or Avatars, repeated name dropping and anything else deemed as spam by the moderation team.

We encourage members to notify the moderation team if they receive unsolicited private messages, visitor messages or other communication deemed as spam, all notification will be treated with strictest confidence

Copyright Rules
Any use of material from this forum, whether in print or electronic form, beyond that specified by the Forum Administrators, must have explicit permission from the Forum and the author of the content at issue.
Wholesale copying or copying for commercial use are not allowed. You may not mirror the site.

All content on this forum belongs to dartscorner.co.uk and Dartsforum.co.uk Unless otherwise specified


Harassment of any kind is taken very seriously on this board, as it should be, and may bring down swift and harsh punishment.
The Moderators and Administrators are the judges on what falls under this category and any decision they make in regards to harassment is final.


FLAMING is defined as a personal attack against another member, intended in a demeaning and insulting way. Examples include changing members user names or quotes in such a way as to be derogatory or demeaning.
This will usually be met with a verbal warning from the moderating staff, or infractions as they see fit.
MEMBER DISCRIMINATION at Darts Forum is defined as continuously flaming, harassing, bullying, or generally undermining another member and their personal forum rights. Reasons are irrelevant. All Darts Forum members are to be treated equally regardless of who they are, and Member Discrimination will usually be met with infractions or temporary bans, perhaps even permanent bans from Darts Forum, as the moderating staff sees fit.
SEXUAL HARASSMENT is defined as unwelcome attention of sexual nature. This may include a member asking for inappropriate pictures or for asking for sexual favours like cybering. Other examples exist. All sexual harassment instances will be dealt with harshly, either resulting in temporary or permanent bans for the offender. Sexual harassment is not to be tolerated.
RACISM is defined as discrimination against another member based on ethnicity and/or for their religious beliefs. Racism in Darts Forum is unacceptable. Any instances of such acts will result in temporary bans, or permanent bans.
TROLLING is defined as posting bait to manipulate others into flaming or otherwise punishable actions. This is also known as "flamebaiting." Those who post on message boards attempting to intentionally start a fight are known as trolls. This will not be tolerated and anyone who feels that another member is trying to bait them is encouraged to contact a moderator immediately to avoid conflict. Depending on the instance, the moderating staff may issue verbal warnings, infractions, temporary bans, or permanent bans.



Advertising relevant information such as exhibitions and events is permitted on the forum, once approved by any Moderators or Administrators of the Forum. We ask all members to refrain from advertising other stores as the Forum is sponsored solely by Darts Corner The UK Darts Superstore. Any other advertisements will be deleted or moved.

Buying and Selling and Swapping Darts

Do not try to post anything in relation to swapping darts or darts related items as it is not allowed on the site and is also punishable by banning.

For users security the swapping/buying and selling of darts is not permitted any threads or posts pertaining to swaps or deals will be deleted and users dealt with accordingly. this is for your own protection as mentioned on several occasions before as in the past members have been ripped off and or stolen from, just because it wasnt common knowledge doesnt mean it didnt happen)


Posting erotic images or stories is forbidden. This includes hentai, pornographic images or erotica (pornographic stories). Recommending pornographic materials to another member is also forbidden.

Discussion of sexual activities is more difficult to moderate. Anything graphic beyond PG-13 standards is not allowed. Specifically:

Discussion of rape intended against someone else, describing graphic sexual acts, images depicting graphic sexual acts and any other post that falls under this general idea will result in deletion, infractions, temporary bans, or permanent bans, depending on the circumstance and the discretion of the moderating staff.

Betting and Betting Websites

This website has been designed for the sole purpose of darts related discussion we do not actively seek to endorse gambling

Posting links to Betting websites is prohibited without permission from the Moderation staff

Betting in the UK is legal to the over 18s only and some events are sponsored by betting sites, however we are an all inclusive forum that has under 18s and international members where gambling is illegal, is forbidden.

Darts forum and therefore Darts Corner which is directly linked to the forum accepts no responsibility for monies gained or lost through the advice/tips/hints posted in the discussion sections of the forum
Should you decide to take the advice/hints/tips provided, you do so at your own risk!!

If any member has any questions regarding this forum policy please feel free to contact any of the moderation staff.


You may not promote or explain how to accomplish illegal activities. This includes:

File-sharing of copyrighted files, without the permission of the copyright holder
Emulators and ROMs
Downloading illegally acquired copyrighted material
Illegal drug use


Insolence or instances of flaming toward the Moderating Staff is punishable by infractions or bans depending on the situation.
Do not impersonate a Professional Darts Player!! Not only will you be banned, you will also be reported
Do not impersonate a member or moderator for the purpose of deceiving other members. (ex. Registering as "Nihrot" to impersonate "Niroht")
Do not change members posts when quoting
Do not dodge the language censors.
Do not embed MIDIs or Sounds. (Exception: You are an administrator, moderator, or have specific permission from an administrator.)
Try not to have huge images in your signatures. Some people are still on slow connections, and the page takes an hour to load, just because of your signature.
No animated video sigs are allowed due to the data usage limits and loading issues, these will be deleted.
Do not post YouTube videos in your signatures. Too many of these in people's signatures will slow things down greatly.

Please Do Not Ask For Streaming Links
Please do not post links to watch the darts from unauthorised websites, or devices.
Its illegal and Darts Corner doesn't want it openly on their forums.

Please do not use your signature to advertise products you are selling or to promote other retailers, websites not approved by the forum.
Multiple Accounts are not permitted and as such will lead to all accounts being banned.

[*=center]Forum Run Competitions

Entrants to forum run competitions must have made a thread or post before the launch date of any competition thread which they are entering.
This is to ensure people do not join the forum with the specific purpose of winning prizes.


The Moderating Staff has the authority to oversee our forums.
Any post which is not in keeping with the spirit of the forum or is likely to bring us into disrepute/cause offence will be edited/deleted as appropriate.

They have the power to:

Modify posts or threads
Delete posts or threads
Give warnings
Give infractions (formal disciplinary marks against your account)
Ban temporarily
Ban permanently

Depending on the situation, breaking the rules will earn you one or more of the following:

Verbal Warnings
Infractions (formal disciplinary marks against your account)
Temporary Bans
Permanent Ban


It is the job of the Moderating Staff and Administrators to judge sufficient response to certain actions on Darts Forum, with verbal warnings and infractions.
The moderating team will act as they see fit individually.

When bans are being considered, all the members of the staff will carefully discuss the appropriate action necessary, except in cases of obvious and necessary expulsion.

All decisions made by the Moderating Staff are final, but in rare cases will accept petitions for reversal of a decision.
When something is deemed appropriate for petition, it will not be up to the general members, but will be due to divided opinions in the moderating staff.

The Moderating Staff will decide the consequences or response.

If you are not a moderator, do not act like one.

If someone is breaking a rule in a way that annoys you or makes you feel uncomfortable, feel free to tell them that you don't think they should be doing that.
Do not, however travel the boards looking for people breaking rules, or copy and paste the rules at people.

If someone is being a nuisance on the board, and a moderator is aware of the situation, consider backing off. Goading and provoking troublemakers takes control of the situation away from the moderator and makes their role more difficult. This will also probably lead to yourself being infracted as well.

Do not tell the Darts Forum staff what to do. Examples:

"This topic should be locked." or "Just ban him already!"

This is annoying and incredibly insulting to us.

However, you are encouraged to report any posts you find offensive (each post has a Report button on it), and send private messages to moderators and administrators about an issue you're having.

Darts Forum is not a democracy, but we do love to have fun. There are a lot of rules to preserve the sanity (or what sanity we have) but rules protect the people, not restrict them.
Fun is always allowed as long as it is within the forum rights you have and doesn't infringe on other's forum rights.

Make sure you look over all of the forum sections before posting a topic, so you know where to put it.

Stay on topic as best you can.

Some straying is acceptable, Darts Forum members are known for their tendency to go off-topic, but please keep it to a minimum to preserve the original idea of the thread.

Thank you for taking the time to read the rules, and enjoy your time at Darts Forum.