View Full Version : Superleague?

James Reade
15th January 2011, 06:03 PM
Just wondered if there are any Superleague players on the forum?

Ive started playing this season as of September, I play in the Somerset Superleague Division 2 for White Hart, it's our first season so it's all new to us. Were currently 9th out 10th, says were 10th but the table hasnt been updated, weve lost all 3 games but we haven't been beaten badly and played 3 teams near the top. I've played 2 pairs matches and 1 singles match.

In week one I played a pairs match and we lost 3-0
Didnt play in week two
Played a pairs and my first singles in week 3, won my singles 3-2 then was unlucky to lose in the pairs 3-2.

Just wondered if anyone else plays, how there doing, how they got into it etc.