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Thread: singles league format

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    singles league format

    Hey Guys,

    I am just looking for ideas on formats on single leagues. We ran one there with 22 players just playing each other once in a best of 4 legs, with 2 points for a win and 1 for a draw. At the end we had a clear league winner, we then split the league into 2 running a cup for the top half and a shield for the bottom. I'm just looking at ways to change it about and if any of you throw in one tell me your format as possibly going to run it again but with maybe 10-14 players this time and forget about the cup and the shield at the end. Thanks in advance.
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    Our premier league it run with 10 per league (flexible up to 12) playing each other once, best of 10, so you can have a draw, but it is played over 3 days.

    You could have the option of doing the same, but play 5 games per night, per league if you have enough boards ??

    Were lucky we have 12, so we can accommodate more players, as and when there available.

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    the one i was in ran for a few monthe playing about 3 matches a night depending who turned up,and was a best of 5...we played each other twice like a home/away basis so on the home for eg,i had the throw in legs 1,3,5 and when away legs 2&4...

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    We can have a max of 4 boards on the go at one time buzz, so maybe 2-3 games each at best of 10 would be more realistic for us. Do you do 3 points for a win or 2 Buzz? Pauljm, was there many throwing in ur league in all? and what scoring did you have for a win and a draw? I'm just thinking would it be of any better to maybe give a point for every leg instead of just for winning?
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    I help to run a premier league in rileys. We play every thursday on up to 4 boards.

    There are 32 players though the format will work for any number over 10ish. Do a random draw to determine a set number of leagues of equal size. We do two leagues of 16 but you could do 2 leagues of 7. Best of 14 like they play on the premier league on telly. 1pt for Draw, 2pts for win. At end of league top 10 from each league go through and get prize money for league position. Playoff between the next 2 from each league to determine the final 2 in the knockouts.

    Then play a knockout to determine winner.

    We do 10 entry plus 5 each week. Makes a huge payout pot especially as rileys add money in. Winner will probs get around 800 this year good thing is everyone gets a prize

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    Here's the format used by an individual league in my area:

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    I play in the Central England Darts league ,it has been going for around 20 years .

    We pay 4 a week and the season is ran over 30 weeks ,there are 48 players in the league and you play everyone twice .The format is best of 5 ,if you have to ref a game you get a result card which you have to write down the 180s hit and all the finishes hit .

    As well as the overall singles league , there is a league for most 180s hit, league for the highest finish and a cumulative finish league for any finishes hit 60 and above .

    The club they use has 14 boards and we play 3-4 games a night

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    to jayo,one i was in was 2 pts for a win,one point a leg won,so five points up for grabs,but lose 3-2 ans 2pts gained, and we had about 30.payout top to bottom.and rest same as martin as put..180s, and highest finish prize.and half way through a singles comp to.

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    The leaque I'm in you play 4 players a night , 5 games each. There are 22 players. They simply count the total wins to have a winner. I assume they would have a play off of some form for a tie.

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    Cheers guys plenty of food for thought there....
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    yet another one: we have multiple skill divisions and that determine the number of legs per match. right now we are accommodating an in-house league that's on the same nite, so we have to start a little later, but so far it's working.

    60+ PPR: Best of 14 (although we decided to drop it to best of 12 this season because of who was in it)
    ~45 PPR: Best of 10
    ~33 PPR: Best of 6

    2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie. play 1 or 2 matches a nite, each match takes about 1 hour. We use N01 to keep score, so that speeds things up a tad as no need for chalkers. The "C" division players (best of 6) have a cap of 21 turns (they get stuck on outs a lot...), if they reach the limit they just cork for the leg win. It's worked out so far. The "B" division would have a cap of 17 turns. This is set in N01, and it handles everything, so it all is easy.

    top 4 in each division make the playoffs and we have cash prizes. Also bonus prizes for highest checkout rate, best leg, most 180s, and high out.

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