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Thread: Peter Wright Signs New Sponsorship Deal

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    Peter Wright Signs New Sponsorship Deal

    Peter Wright has signed a new 5 year deal with his current sponsors RD.

    This ends any speculation about him moving to Unicorn. Be interesting to see if he carries in using his slikstik dxm flight combination.

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    Just read this myself

    Custom Sigma 26grams add a grams Short Black Nylon Shafts Black Pear Flights
    Sigma LP 24.9grams Sigma Slik Stiks Silver or Black Sigma Pro Flights
    Phase 5 Gold,Black,LP Phase 5 Shafts or Medium Nylon Shafts Slim or DMX Flights

    Too many others to count or mention.

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    Nice to see the RD Bronzer's getting some pro time. If he went to Unicorn, he'd have Phil Taylors phase 5's (almost identical to the RD Bronzer 5's)
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